Jasola Wildlife Park Tour

Duration : 02 Days 01 Night

Day 1: Arrival and Exploration
Arrive at Jasola Wildlife Park.
Check into your accommodation (campsite/lodge).
Freshen up and have breakfast.
Guided Nature Walk
Join a guided nature walk to explore the park's diverse flora and fauna.
Learn about the local ecosystem, plant species, and bird watching opportunities.
Wildlife Safari
Enjoy a thrilling wildlife safari in an open jeep or on an elephant.
Spot various animals like deer, wild boars, and if lucky, some predators like leopards or tigers.
Return to the lodge for a traditional lunch featuring local cuisine.
Take some time to relax at your accommodation.
Enjoy the scenic views and perhaps a dip in the pool if available.
Late Afternoon: Visit to Bird Watching Tower
Visit a bird-watching tower for a chance to see and photograph various bird species.
Learn about the migratory patterns and habits of different birds.
Evening: Cultural Program and Dinner
Participate in a cultural program showcasing local music and dance.
Enjoy a bonfire under the stars.
Dinner will be served featuring a barbecue or local dishes.
Night: Overnight Stay
Retire to your accommodation for a peaceful night amidst nature.
Day 2: Adventure and Departure
Early Morning: Sunrise Trek
Wake up early for a sunrise trek.
Experience the tranquility of the forest and watch the sunrise over the park.
Return to the lodge for breakfast.
Late Morning: Adventure Activity
Engage in an adventure activity such as zip-lining, rock climbing, or a canopy walk.
Late Morning: Botanical Garden Visit
Visit the park's botanical garden to learn about the medicinal plants and herbs grown there.
Enjoy a farewell lunch at the lodge.
Afternoon: Departure Preparation
Pack up and check out of your accommodation.
Take some time for last-minute photos and souvenir shopping.
Depart from Jasola Wildlife Park with wonderful memories of your adventure.
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